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Rodarte Spring 2010

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Is it possible for New York Fashion Week to go on without everyone's favorite label on the rise? Which I don't even consider to be on the rise anymore, seeing tat with looks like these it's impossible to do wrong no matter what.

Since their total and complete take over of the hearts of millions with their Fall 2008 collection, where dresses were inspired by blood moving through water, Rodarte is my equivalent to Paris' Givenchy. By that I mean, dark, sensual, and too gorgeous for words.

As Alexander Wang has his hands full with Jill Stuart's latest turn to body-con, Miuccia Prada's primitive woman has just found some competition her own (and I mean that in the best way possible). With a moss and sand covered runway, that later lead to a model taking the annual Rodarte Spring tumble (seen in every Spring collection since 2009), it did not take much to tell where Kate and Laura Mulleavy got their inspiration this season. The early stages of humanity, just like Prada Fall 2008.

Normally when a show opens with plaid tops your mind instantly goes to Fall, but somehow doing the impossible, nothing seemed more right. Whether it was a clever scheme to get the few plaid looks on the backs of celebs ASAP as we head into Fall or just a just a way to add a special contrast print to the show, I would call the opening looks transitional dressing at it's finest.

Later going into are more modern mix of zip trousers and chich transparencies, which we could have only saw coming from Donatella Versace, it's the three closing dresses at the end of the show that stole my heart.

Though I'm going to be on a mission for those zip pants once they're available, the eclectic mix of cut-outs formed by draping paired alongside fur was just absolutely perfect. Don't count on seeing one of those dresses at the Emmy's on Sunday, but except one to show up somewhere soon.
Body-con Count: 4
Sheer Count: 7 1/2
Look Total: 35
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Donna Karan Spring 2010

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New York Fashion may now be coming to a close and we're now gearing up for what is to come out of London, Milan, and most of all Paris, but I am already picking out my favorites. I will even goes as far as saying that this is by far Donna Karen's strongest in recent seasons. Which says a lot seeing as you can't think that it can possibly get any better the next season to follow. Going against the grind and sticking to her figure flattering pieces instead of the season's current body-con craze, if your like me and refuse to give up your skinny jeans no matter what, the intricate folds and to die for goddess draped dresses will leave you re-thinking everything you ever put on from this point on.

Perfection molded down and formed into 39 looks sure to drive women wild. If you've doubted Donna Karen's work recently, which I can't imagine how you could, this should catch your attention. Muted tones of gray on weightless fabrics, Spring is in the air, and it has never looked better. While I must admit, sometimes a pencil skirt can get a little boring, but when it's paired with some the most interesting jackets and blouses, you can't help but be amazed.

I could continue on about how much I love this collection, but the work put into it speaks for itself. Hopefully one the closing dresses will appear somewhere at Sunday's Emmy Awards.

Body-con Count: 3
Sheer Count: 6 1/2
Look Total: 39
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Marc Jacobs Spring 2010

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Are you one of those people that just can't seem to let go of the genius that was the Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 collection? Well by the looks of it, Marc Jacobs is. Ever since he days back at Perry Ellis, it has been pretty clear that Marc is quite a fan of layering. Seen in almost every collection he attaches his name to, it is just part of the designer's DNA. Showing a collection this season, high on layering, and light on boredom, if Cirque du Soleil were to stage one of fashion week's hottest tickets, this would probably be the outcome.

Channeling the effortlessly glamorous Louis Vuitton Spring 2007 bag lady, that we all fell in love with some way or another, Marc Jacobs takes us down memory lane for Spring 2010. Pleasantly so. Bras and corsets placed over over button-ups and sweaters, with Lady Gaga sitting in the front row, it will only be a matter of time before complete looks go missing. Along with a recreation of the make-up too, in true Gaga fashion.

Displaying a wide range of ruffles that went from plaid to pinstripe, and even draped in gowns at one point, the 80s lovingly power woman of Fall 2009 past is gone, and a more poetic woman that stand on her own remains today. Wearing only what she feels is right and what looks absolutely. Surly I am not alone with my thoughts of seeing Rachel Zoe in the dresses towards the end of the show, which gave off a very special vintage feel.

Makes you wondering what we are going to see come Paris fashion week, no?

Body-con Count: 3
Sheer Count: 5 1/2
Look Total: 51
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Jill Stuart Spring 2010

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

What would fashion week be each season without change? Would you honestly tune in show after show if there was absolutely no progression? Probably not. If your still looking around for Jill Stuart's modern cross between pixie and fairy, as seen in Spring 2009, say so long. Trading in free flowing for form-fitting, it looks like Alexander Wang has some competition on his hands now. Not only in aesthetic, but in terms of shoes to kill for next season.

Always finding a way to strike that special cord in a woman's heart, Jill Stuart does it again. Taking us to the point where the 80s met the 90s. Sheer spandex leggings, metallic dresses mixed in with lace, it's hard to be remotely down in the dumps after looking at the spirit and work up into this collection. Keeping with her attitude of comfort and elegance in what we wear, a few less constricting pieces were sprinkled throughout the show. Though the message was mostly short-chic-sheer.

Surly a few of these looks will be instantly snatched up the moment they hit shelves, though the lace up mesh open-toe boots need to be mine. Probably more than anything else this season.

Body-con Count: 3
Sheer Count: 4 1/2
Look Total: 34
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Alexander Wang Spring 2010

Monday, September 14, 2009

Did you ever think that you would see Alexander Wang and football in the same sentence? If you just answered no, you should probably start to question your own sanity. Seeing as nobody can do American sportswear quite like Alexander Wang. From fringed sweat shirts to mesh and spandex paired with sky-high booties, only in his mid-20's Wang has upped the game in New York fashion week. Walking the fine line between taste and tasteless. Often leaving you amazed with perfect combos that you never in a million years would have thought perfectly coordinated. Like barely there shorts, thigh-high socks, and open-toe booties.

Well, OK. It may not seem like a practical idea if your not built like Anna Selezneva, but if you and I share the same brain, you would just be glad that your able to wear thigh-high socks and open-toe booties again, because you were to too naive to jump aboard the trend back when Miuccia Prada did it in her Fall 2007 collection for Prada.

Taking it back to the point in time when cheerleading uniforms hit just at the knee, for Spring 2010 Alexander Wang wants you to get your head in the game. Opening the show with a sea of neutrals and more inspired looks, it was clear from the start where the designer's inspiration came from. Later taking the show above and beyond with the addition of those black booties that I must own ASAP, things got exciting with the transparent black looks towards the end. Mixing glamour and sports all at once. Showing that you still can have power whilst half-naked.

Possibly drawing inspiration from the fact that the current wave in shoulder trends just so happens to resemble that of quarterback's shoulders, it's moments like this that sometimes sparks interest in sports (not really).

Body-con Count: 2
Sheer Count: 3 1/2 
Look Total: 41

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